Mid Feb – Goals Checkup

Well I learned a lot in the short time we’ve been in the year 2012.

So I started working on Entrapped. Then I had a big computer crash.

I lost a few of my world building books/notebooks. I lost a lot of my music and videos and pictures. And I lost 22K on Entrapped. I started over last week and have made a bit of progress.

Recipe is going to be temporarily hiatused. I realize I’m starting in the wrong place. And this is going to be a series centered around this one restaurant/couple. I was actually writing book 2. So I’m going to do a bit of restructuring and…..


While I’m restructuring and reworking Recipe I’m going to work on my light paranormal story – Hearts and Arrows.

So the rest of my goals for the month are:

1. Get to 20% done on Hearts and Arrows.

2. Get 40% done on Entrapped.

3. Restructure Recipe

4. Transfer my worldbuilding info for my stories to a personal wiki.

5. Read 2 books

6. Continue working on my crafting projects.


Goals – EOM Update – January

Here’s how the goals have come along this month:

  • I wanted to finish Recipe for Love  and have it ready for submission by January 31st (today). – I ran into a few problems story wise and am still struggling with a few parts of the relationship dynamics of the story but I am making progress. Plus this story isn’t going to be as short as I had originally anticipated.
  • I wanted to have  Entrapped sketched and outlined completely by the end of the month. – This is actually on step. I plan on starting working on this story next week.
  • I wanted to eat healthier at work for at least 2 meal a week and work up to 3 meals a week. I work in a deli where this is a lot of temptations food wise – I am actually on track with this goal as well. I have 4 go to healthier choice meals.
  • I planned on reading 2 books. – I read 3 books 11/22/63 by Stephen King, The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister (this was a gift from a co-worker) and Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I have started on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt as part of my books for February.
  • I wanted to start on the blanket for Preemie Project set (booties, hats, blankets). – I have started on the blanket I am about a quarter-way through. It is a small blanket but I am working on another crafting project as well so that is also occupying my time.

How did you do on your January goals? What were the hits and misses? What surprised you? What goal or goals did you rethink or defer or remove , if any?

How I Write – Changes

So the topic this week is:

What did you accomplish in 2011, what one thing would you change about last year, & What are your 2012 resolution goals?

What one thing would I change about last year?

One thing I would change about last year – balance.

I would focus on my goals and not allow unnecessary, needless or out of my control distractions divert me from my goals. I would also not be so singularly focused on my goals and pursuit of my goals that I would have more fun.

So the one thing I would change is to be more balanced. I would maintain my focus and drive but take more breaks to go outside, relax and have some fun.

Because being so singularly focused leads to burn out.

Truth Time:

Often I write 7 days a week instead of taking a break. And it could be editing or making notes or actually writing but doing something writing oriented. And for the goals group I’m in, you’re supposed to have 1 free day a week. But even doing that I didn’t progress as far as I would have liked. Burn-out was one reason which I think led to a lack of focus and motivation.

What I accomplished in 2011?

I have better control of my writing and where I want to go. I have a better road map and am not just throwing everything at the wall hoping something will stick. I have a better idea on what works for me and what my process is.

And what are my top goals for 2012?

Top 5 Writing Goals for 2012:
1. Write 2 hours a day on at least 5 days a week .
2. Blog at least 52 times
3. Read 26 books
4. Write 2 75K books (This will be in the light para series)
5. Write 2 Novellas (25-40K) (Fighting for love series – inspired by family research)

So what’s the one thing you would change about last year? What are your 2012 Goals? What did you accomplish in 2011?

If you want to check out how a few of my writing friends write:

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How I Write – Where am I?

So the question this week involves goals and growth. Basically, where am I at in my writing in comparison to 6 months, 1 year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago as well as with my goals. Also, what would I do differently.

I think the easiest part of the question is what would I do differently. The first thing that comes to mind is focus. I would be more focused. I would be more focused on my writing and more dedicated in my writing time.

As to where I am in my writing, that’s harder for me to answer. I can see growth in different areas. I have my areas that need strengthening.

Goal wise I’m doing okay. I am not where I would have hoped I would be at this point in my writing career. But I do know my goals are stronger and SMARTer than they were before.

If you want to check out how a few of my writing friends write:

* Alexia Reed * Angeleque Ford * Emma G. Delaney * Kimberly Farris *Kristen Koster *

I am a writer

I outted myself at school this week. I have been keeping my writing life and my culinary life and real life separate.

Or as separate as I could. But I admitted to some people that I am a writer and I am interested in not only writing books but food writing/critique/critic.

Do people not in your circle know about your writing life?

So with the statement that “I am a writer”, I have been writing. I am working on a few stories. And also getting ready to jump into the agent hunt soon. I’m going over the final tweaks and working on the query letter.

Year 2011 – Day 3

It is 3 days into the new year and I’m really excited about my goals.

I tend not to make New Year’s resolutions because 1 I usually don’t keep them. So I have my list of goals for the year – some writing related, personal and some culinary related (did I mention I’m in culinary school?).

And of course, a few just for fun.

One of my big goals this year is to finish How to Survive Anything and start the great agent hunt.

What are some of your goals this year?

Goals – Life and Writing

With the start of 2010, I’ve been getting my writing goals together for the year. You notice I didn’t say resolutions.


Because I always end up missing and giving up on my resolutions. So I decided to include my goals. I even have a cool spreadsheet that lists them all. Yes, it’s color coded too.

I divided my goals up by quarter. And my real life goals too. But I also have blog goals.

So what are some of my blog goals –

1. Post three times a week.

2. More writing related posts – at least 2 a month.

3. More personal posts so you can get to know me better – at least once a week.

4. Share great resources for writing, information and publishing industry

5. More networking – meaning more interaction and you’ll see me around the internet more. (I know that’s not necessarily a blog goal).

6. Step outside my comfort zone blogging. (I have no idea what this means or how I’ll do this. But I think if I accomplish 1 through 5 then that’s going to be a big step in accomplishing this goal).

And in case your wondering my writing goal is – Keep writing and having fun while I’m at it. I think that’s one of the most important things. Writing should be fun.