So the topic this week is:

What did you accomplish in 2011, what one thing would you change about last year, & What are your 2012 resolution goals?

What one thing would I change about last year?

One thing I would change about last year – balance.

I would focus on my goals and not allow unnecessary, needless or out of my control distractions divert me from my goals. I would also not be so singularly focused on my goals and pursuit of my goals that I would have more fun.

So the one thing I would change is to be more balanced. I would maintain my focus and drive but take more breaks to go outside, relax and have some fun.

Because being so singularly focused leads to burn out.

Truth Time:

Often I write 7 days a week instead of taking a break. And it could be editing or making notes or actually writing but doing something writing oriented. And for the goals group I’m in, you’re supposed to have 1 free day a week. But even doing that I didn’t progress as far as I would have liked. Burn-out was one reason which I think led to a lack of focus and motivation.

What I accomplished in 2011?

I have better control of my writing and where I want to go. I have a better road map and am not just throwing everything at the wall hoping something will stick. I have a better idea on what works for me and what my process is.

And what are my top goals for 2012?

Top 5 Writing Goals for 2012:
1. Write 2 hours a day on at least 5 days a week .
2. Blog at least 52 times
3. Read 26 books
4. Write 2 75K books (This will be in the light para series)
5. Write 2 Novellas (25-40K) (Fighting for love series – inspired by family research)

So what’s the one thing you would change about last year? What are your 2012 Goals? What did you accomplish in 2011?

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