Well I learned a lot in the short time we’ve been in the year 2012.

So I started working on Entrapped. Then I had a big computer crash.

I lost a few of my world building books/notebooks. I lost a lot of my music and videos and pictures. And I lost 22K on Entrapped. I started over last week and have made a bit of progress.

Recipe is going to be temporarily hiatused. I realize I’m starting in the wrong place. And this is going to be a series centered around this one restaurant/couple. I was actually writing book 2. So I’m going to do a bit of restructuring and…..


While I’m restructuring and reworking Recipe I’m going to work on my light paranormal story – Hearts and Arrows.

So the rest of my goals for the month are:

1. Get to 20% done on Hearts and Arrows.

2. Get 40% done on Entrapped.

3. Restructure Recipe

4. Transfer my worldbuilding info for my stories to a personal wiki.

5. Read 2 books

6. Continue working on my crafting projects.