Art of Character– About characterization – the five cornerstones of dramatic characterization. One delightful tidbit from this link is “Characterization requires a constant back-and-forth between the exterior events of the story and the inner life of the character.” And goes on to discuss why these five essentials are important

Top 10 Writing Tips from Joss Whedon – Joss Whedon’s top 10 writing tips – “1. FINISH IT“. This first one is very important and something that writer’s sometimes struggle with. I know I did for a long time. I still have more than half a million (okay slight exaggeration) started but not finished. Check the link to see the other tips.

Write Something/ – Permission to fail and the feeling of stuckness

Overcome Internal Naysayers– Overcoming those NDDs (what I call Negative Doubt Demons) or Internal Naysayers.

Your Own Best Employee – Freelancing and how to be a good employee. A recent writer as employee/boss/self-employed came up in my writing/goals group so this seemed timely.