BI3M – Day One

Okay so I’m going to be working on True Darkness. Remember all that work I did on it before, well I trashed it. It’s on the hard drive but it’s not going to be usable for this story. I’m taking the story/series in a new direction. I may be able to use the material for a different story.

So starting over with the word count. Goal for BI3M is 2K a day for June and July. I haven’t come up with an edit plan for August yet. I’m leaning toward either doing a specific amount of pages a day and doing passes. Or doing passes on specific things each week.

True Darkness 2018/80,000 words

2.5% done

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  • 23:06 Met WG & WL 4 Mon & Tues. Wed will be real test. If anyone wants to challenge tomorrow (Wed) let me know. Will be around all day. #acgoals. #
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  • 09:10 3 pages into my 20 page #writegoal for the day. I #amwriting. #
  • 11:06 Page count update – 8 pgs of 20 done as of now. Hit block w/ #amwriting. Cant get words rt for this scene & it’s 1 of the big 1s. #writegoal #
  • 11:51 Anyone around? How’s things going goal wise? Have of today’s WG done. It’s the write now, fix later push. #acgoals #
  • 12:01 Hmm. Just realized I will not make WG for today. Only a few more pages and half truths will be done. #ACGoals #

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  • 18:59 I’m considering taking part in this challenge – – book in 3 months, 2 to write, 1 to edit @eHarlequin starting May 31st #
  • 19:17 @briaquinlan – It’s not you. It’s usually quiet. I have class on Mon so usually pop on late in the day. **waves** #ACGoals #
  • 20:36 @briaquinlan – I just did some with my tagline on it. It also has name, website addy & twitter info. #
  • 21:02 What did you want to know when you started out writing? Check out @briaquinlan’s "10 Minute Mentor" post and comment – #

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BI3M Challenge

Starting May 31st – eharlequin is going to be doing a “Book in 3 Months” challenge.

The challenge is this: Write for the first 2 months, edit the last month. So at the end of 3 months you have a submittable manuscript.

So to complete a 75K manuscript in 2 months, I’d need to write at the minimum 1250 words a day (writing every day – which I generally do anyway)

And for a 100K manuscript in 2 months, I’d need to write a minimum of 1675 words a day.

I’ll be doing the first one (75K) and will (attempt) to post every day on the blog as well as on twitter on my progress.

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  • 12:32 Anyone around and want to challenge in Chatzy? #ACGoals #
  • 12:34 I blogged for the last two days & WGs done. Plus thought of a plan for blogging for the rest of the week. How’s your goals going? #ACGoals #
  • 12:42 RT @inkyelbows: Tips on querying literary agents, from Pimp My Novel: #

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I’m back… Sorta

Sorry for the mini hiatus. I got caught up in life and school (did I mention I was going to culinary school?) and unfortunately as I adjusted to my new life and new schedule, blogging and my writing (another unfortunate) suffered.

I promise to try to post more, at least updates on how the writing is going. And there may be more – getting to know me type posts or random thoughts and questions too. But I plan on doing more industry info round-ups.

So writing – I finished LL and started working on what could be the next in that series and got a great idea/suggestion. The idea basically means a total rewrite of LL. But I’m going to hold off on that for a bit, maybe during summer break from school. So in the meanwhile I’ve been writing/working on my women’s fiction story. And doing outlines for the other stories in the YA series.