BI3M – Day 31

I am more than halfway through the story. And I am finding myself getting a bit, frustrated by it. I think the frustration is that it’s not going as fast as I had hoped in some scenes and chapters.

But still I am loving the story. And I am loving the challenge. This week I am challenging myself by writing 3 stories at 1 time. This one, a spy story for my other writing persona and a single title women’s fiction light paranormal. So instead of my daily 2k it’s 4K. 2K for True Darkness and 1K each for the other 2 stories.

Once the editing starts, there will be some scenes that need to be rewritten. For example, the “insert killer scene here” or “insert trip to hell scene and figure out how they get there here” or the (and my fave) “some cool happens here” scene comments.

Part of me is looking at this BI3M as a pseudo fast draft. It is helping keep me focused. And I can see the progress I’m making on the story.

So here is the word count update:

True Darkness 49000/80,000 words

61.25% done

Day 14 – BI3M

So today is the 2 week mark for BI3M. I did 2500 words today. And that brings Tansy’s story to a total of

True Darkness 23000/80,000 words

28.75% done

One of my favorite lines from this week:

“Do you know there are tests to see if someone is a vampire, werewolf or demon? Well any other than human creature.”

BI3M – Update

Wednesday and Thursday were a bust writing goal wise. I was dealing with a migraine that made it difficult to sit in front of the computer.

Today the good news is that I did 2500 words. The scenes today were fun and light and the bridge to getting to the meat of the story.

BI3M – Day 9

Today is day 9 of BI3M. I am still enjoyin it. I should be at 18000 words today. But with the crash. I’m still 2K behind. I did 2K today just barely because it’s been one of those days. You know the days where you don’t want to get out of bed. Where you just want to lay under the covers and veg. I’m blaming it on the migraine. But I pushed through and wrote with sunglasses on and a dimmed screen.

True Darkness 16000/80,000 words

20% done

BI3M – Day 8

Almost back on track. Did 2500 words today.

I am really enjoying this BI3M. It’s giving me a bit more discipline and structure. And I know I can do at least 2K a day if I have too. If the times come when I have heavy book deadlines.

True Darkness 14000/80,000 words

17.5% done

BI3M – Day 7

Needed to do 5K to get back on track. Did 2.5K. So still need to do another 2.5K. It’ll probably be after finals next week. that I really start to catch up.

So have done 11500 done so far.

True Darkness 11500/80,000 words

14.375% done

BI3M – Day 6

Still playing catch up with the word count. I’m actually over the other count because 4K plus the 5K today makes 9K in 3 days. But still have about 3K to go to make it to where I should be for the day.

I’m going to do my 2K as I planned tomorrow and hopefully I can get the extra 3K in as well.

I’m going to update the word count meter tomorrow.

BI3M – Day 5

Still not quite back on track so no progress meter. But I did make my word count today before I went to school. I’m going to write more tonight but it depends on the storms.

I did some brainstorming with a good writer friend of mind who helped me work through some kinks in the plot. So I hope to have a blurb to post tomorrow.