I am more than halfway through the story. And I am finding myself getting a bit, frustrated by it. I think the frustration is that it’s not going as fast as I had hoped in some scenes and chapters.

But still I am loving the story. And I am loving the challenge. This week I am challenging myself by writing 3 stories at 1 time. This one, a spy story for my other writing persona and a single title women’s fiction light paranormal. So instead of my daily 2k it’s 4K. 2K for True Darkness and 1K each for the other 2 stories.

Once the editing starts, there will be some scenes that need to be rewritten. For example, the “insert killer scene here” or “insert trip to hell scene and figure out how they get there here” or the (and my fave) “some cool happens here” scene comments.

Part of me is looking at this BI3M as a pseudo fast draft. It is helping keep me focused. And I can see the progress I’m making on the story.

So here is the word count update:

True Darkness 49000/80,000 words

61.25% done