BI3M – Day 4

Good news/bad news –

Bad news – computer crashed and lost the work I’d done this week. All 6100 words are gone.

Good news – I chose to have a positive spin and figured the new pages would be better. So today wrote 2200 words. I have writeordie to thank for that. I’m gonna have to start using that more often.

So there will be no progress bar update until I surpass what I already wrote in terms of page count/word count. It’s not going to throw me off my end goal too much. Just the novella I had planned to write may be shorter or not get written.

BI3M – Day 3

Today is the 3rd day of my Book in 3 month challenge.

Tried to use my time wisely, don’t know how well I did considering how late this post is. But the important thing is that I made my goal and am making progress towards getting to the end.

True Darkness 6100/80,000 words

7.625% done

BI3M – Day 2

Today is the 2nd day of my Book in 3 month challenge. So far so good. Still going strong. Today was a bit harder to get the pages in because of real life stuff (like school and papers that need to be finished – 5 total) but I managed. Plus I’m off tomorrow so I can use my time more wisely, manage it better.

There is always the getting up early, going to bed later thing.

True Darkness 4025/80,000 words

5% done

BI3M – Day One

Okay so I’m going to be working on True Darkness. Remember all that work I did on it before, well I trashed it. It’s on the hard drive but it’s not going to be usable for this story. I’m taking the story/series in a new direction. I may be able to use the material for a different story.

So starting over with the word count. Goal for BI3M is 2K a day for June and July. I haven’t come up with an edit plan for August yet. I’m leaning toward either doing a specific amount of pages a day and doing passes. Or doing passes on specific things each week.

True Darkness 2018/80,000 words

2.5% done