With the start of 2010, I’ve been getting my writing goals together for the year. You notice I didn’t say resolutions.


Because I always end up missing and giving up on my resolutions. So I decided to include my goals. I even have a cool spreadsheet that lists them all. Yes, it’s color coded too.

I divided my goals up by quarter. And my real life goals too. But I also have blog goals.

So what are some of my blog goals –

1. Post three times a week.

2. More writing related posts – at least 2 a month.

3. More personal posts so you can get to know me better – at least once a week.

4. Share great resources for writing, information and publishing industry

5. More networking – meaning more interaction and you’ll see me around the internet more. (I know that’s not necessarily a blog goal).

6. Step outside my comfort zone blogging. (I have no idea what this means or how I’ll do this. But I think if I accomplish 1 through 5 then that’s going to be a big step in accomplishing this goal).

And in case your wondering my writing goal is – Keep writing and having fun while I’m at it. I think that’s one of the most important things. Writing should be fun.