Goals – Life and Writing

With the start of 2010, I’ve been getting my writing goals together for the year. You notice I didn’t say resolutions.


Because I always end up missing and giving up on my resolutions. So I decided to include my goals. I even have a cool spreadsheet that lists them all. Yes, it’s color coded too.

I divided my goals up by quarter. And my real life goals too. But I also have blog goals.

So what are some of my blog goals –

1. Post three times a week.

2. More writing related posts – at least 2 a month.

3. More personal posts so you can get to know me better – at least once a week.

4. Share great resources for writing, information and publishing industry

5. More networking – meaning more interaction and you’ll see me around the internet more. (I know that’s not necessarily a blog goal).

6. Step outside my comfort zone blogging. (I have no idea what this means or how I’ll do this. But I think if I accomplish 1 through 5 then that’s going to be a big step in accomplishing this goal).

And in case your wondering my writing goal is – Keep writing and having fun while I’m at it. I think that’s one of the most important things. Writing should be fun.

2010 is around the corner

I’ve mentioned my writing friends who’ve helped me get back on track with my goals. And with 2010 right around the corner, we’ve been discussing our 2010 goals.

What I realized is that with the two writing persona’s I have to try to keep a balance so one isn’t more weighted than the other. Though the word count goals for the year is going to be different. Of course, I’m trying to be structured yet flexible. And I want to leave wiggle room in case of big changes (like an agent or a book deal).  And then there is the real life responsibilities and developments (like starting school and getting a second degree).

More on my 2010 goals later.