I will be updating this post and adding new stories as these are completed. So I’m going to sticky it to the top in case you’re interested in my progress.

Story 1:

Fairy Dance Troupe Series
30542/90,000 words ~ 33.94% done!

Note: Stories will probably be about 30K instead of the originally planned 25K each. So just over 33% done for total series, 101.81% done for book 1.

Note 2: Book 1 is obviously over 30K, depending on what happens in the editing/revision stage (which I will tackle in January or February) then I say the final word count may be between 45 and 50K. I’m gonna finish off this scene which will more than likely stay as the end. So I’m estimating roughly 32K for the final rough draft.

Story 2:

True Darkness
2000/80,000 words ~ 2.5% done!