I’ve been thinking alot about why I write and I keep coming back to the same reasons.

I love creating the stories, weaving strings of words into a (hopefully) entertaining tale. But it’s also that when I was growing up, I loved to read (I still do). But I got started writing stories because the books I was reading wasn’t reflective of my world and environment. Nor were they reflective of my friends, family and extended family lives.

So for years I wrote for myself, wrote for friends and only shared it with a few close friends or strangers online. You’re probably wondering where the strangers come in, right? Well I discovered fanfiction. I started writing fanfic for my favorite shows when they in my opinion, jumped the shark or went a different way than I had hoped. But then things got complicated. The stories started diverging so much that they were mini stories of my own, loosely based on the shows and characters. I would recreate the worlds, characters and backgrounds.

Then a friend suggested I try my hand at an original story. Cause hey, I’d written such vastly different stories that it was walking the line to call it fanfiction and these weren’t just short stories but long 100 and 200 even 300 and up page stories. And this was before I started studying the craft of writing and learned about dialogue tags, point of view, headhopping and other writing mistakes/problems and newbie writing errors.

And I found I loved it even more. Creating stories that were of my own making, my own tales and characters and worlds. So I sat down and wrote a 350 page novel in about 4 or 5 months. I subbed it. And got some great feedback. Then I got sidetracked, sidelined by life and other circumstances. But along the way I found the great writer’s forum and writer’s community Romance Divas. And I mentioned my other writing persona too. But I would still work on the (as I call it) back of the drawer story.

That story where I would work on here and there, just for me. And I guess what I was doing was finding my voice, finding my style, trying out different things (I have a hard drive full of half completed stories, half fleshed out ideas as well as fully thought out ideas that I have not written a word on).

So this year during NaNo, with the help and encouragement of some great writing and goal setting buddies, I made a decision about my writing and where I want to be with my career, where I want to go. I pulled out an old idea and decided to work it during NaNo. And boy did I have fun. Writing was fun and exhilarating again.

And I’m not giving up on my other persona, I just had to ask myself – which is more sustainable? Could I see myself really writing “such and such genre” and “such and such story” over a long period of time? So I decided to do what was right (almost wrote write) for me.