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Truth or Dare – Contemporary, Young Adult


Indigo Jones smelled like grease, fried onions and burnt toast.

Not a good combination for a first date.

She sniffed her hair, wrinkled her nose at her reflection in the funhouse style mirror with Yves Diner spray-painted across the top on the other side of the diner.

Ugh. That smelled too.

Ketchup, mustard and special sauce splattered across her making a pseudo-mosaic pattern on her top and apron. She knew it was unavoidable, rather, hazard of working at the diner. But she was tired of having to do a deep cleaning instead of taking a regular shower each day. And she still sometimes smelled like onion rings or grease.

Her mother said it was in her pores. But since getting new skin was out of the question, she resorted to long, hot showers every day, which drained the hot water tank.

Indigo muttered under her breath as she cleared off the last table in her section. She glanced up at the clock. As usual, Cyndi was a late.

I am not staying to help. I am not staying to help. I have a date. I am not staying to help.

She took the dishpan to the kitchen, undid her apron and was kneeling by the computer about to clock out when her boss, Yvette Davis, came out of her office. “Would you mind staying and covering part of Cyndi’s shift? Just until she gets in and got settled?”

“I really can’t tonight Yvette.”

“Please Indigo. You’re my best waitress.”

I’m practically your only waitress. “I have plans Yvette. And I’d rather not go out on my date smelling like the diner. You know I hate to leave you in the lurch but…”

“No. Go. I understand. Have fun.” Yvette sighed as she pulled on an apron.

Dagnabbit. “You sure?”

“Yes go. It’ll be fine.”

Indigo gave her boss a long look before she raced out the diner. She got in her beat-up, second hand car. Her mother’s first car, a navy blue Dodge Shadow and drove home. Less than two hours later, she was scrubbed, refreshed and dressed in her best designer jeans, kitten heels and shirt. She waited half an hour for him to show up. After an hour, she went back to the drove back to the diner.

Yvette looked up when Indigo walked back into the diner. “What…”

Indigo shrugged, “Still need some help?”

“Yeah. Thanks. I appreciate it. Cyndi, obviously,” she waved her hand around the diner, “never showed. This is the last straw. She knows Friday’s and the weekends are our busiest days.”

Indigo nodded and got to work. She focused on serving the customers, chatting with her school friends who came in and not on Gregg Anderson and the possible reasons, he could have stood her up.

Her day brightened considerably when her neighbor Morgan Downing came in and sat at the counter.

“Hey Indi.”

“The usual?”

He smiled, nodded and then frowned, “I’m sorry about Gregg.”

Crossing her arms, she waited for him to continue.

“The dare?”

“What dare?”

“To see how far he could get with you.”

“Mmm hmm. How long did you know about his dare?” Her voice nearly a whisper.

“I overheard him bragging to Trent when he came over to pick up Taylor for their date. Apparently, according to Trent, Taylor found out about the dare and got mad. So instead of fessing up to you, he stood you up.”

“I should have known.” She shook her head, silently counted to ten and then counted to ten again, “I…” her voice trailed off when the bell above the diner door dinged signaling new customers. Looking up Taylor Downing and Gregg Anderson entered the diner hand and hand.

Following her gaze, Morgan turned back towards the counter with a smirk.

“Just go with it.” His voice low enough for only her to hear. Then Morgan Downing, Indigo’s best friend since preschool leaned up on the counter and kissed her on the lips.

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