I recently had what I call an “uh oh” moment. Not to be confused with the “ah ha” moment.

The “uh oh” moment is when you’re doing something and you realize you may have gone down the wrong path. Or, in this case, may be writing (well revising) a story to get it submission ready and that’s it’s similar to an already published book.

There are enough differences that it can hold it’s own. But there are some similarities.

But to bring this even closer to writing. An “uh oh” moment can be when you have the wrong characters in your story. You know the one’s who won’t co-operate, regardless of all the careful planning and plotting you’ve done. Or you realize you’ve written yourself into a major plot hole. A hole so big that it’s less of a hole and more like quicksand and your characters (and plot) is sinking fast.

So have you had an “uh oh” moment recently? What was it?