I have 3 more weeks left in this quarter (counting this week). So everything is coming due and also getting things ready for next quarter is also on my mind.

Right now I have a night class on Mondays, morning and afternoon classes on Tuesdays and an afternoon class on Wednesday. So I have a little time to play around with doing homework, studying and trying to have a life.

Next quarter is going to be a lot different. Morning class on Monday, Wednesday through Friday in school from 6a to 3p and an afternoon class on Saturday. Plus I will have to fit working at an internship (which I’m still looking for/applying to different places) which means a part time job.

And truthfully, the thought of it is a bit overwhelming (and even a bit scary). But it’s also very exciting because I’m getting closer to the end and closer to my dream.

And I don’t know why I called this post Scheduling. I couldn’t think of another title.