This is the list of major goals I’m working on. It’s a nice blend of rock/pebble/sand/water.

  • Finish Recipe for Love – have edited/beta’ed and ready for submission by Jan. 31.
  • Have Entrapped sketched and outlined completely by end of the month.
  • Begin eating healthier at work for at least 2 meal a week and work up to 3 meals a week.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Start blanket for Preemie Project set (booties, hats, blankets).

I’m listing them for three reasons:

1. to help hold myself accountable. If I put it out there, it’s more of a motivation to follow through  because it’s in black and white.

2. Because I said I would. This is the beginning of what will become a 2-part monthly feature on the blog (Month Goals/Month Accountability).

3. It’s also part of my mission to blog more and be more active on the blog.