So this week’s topic is the controversial topic of writer’s block.

Why do I say it’s controversial? Because there are different schools of thought on it. Some people believe in it, some don’t. Some think it’s an excuse, some think it’s a legitimate thing.

I’m somewhere in the middle.

I think there are things that will block me from writing. Or block me from writing the way I want, the length and time I want. And mostly that’s real life and drama.

Reality creeps in and wham — life interrupts writing.

So there are things that can block you from writing. There’s nothing worse than sitting down with a notebook or at the computer and staring at a blank screen or a blank page. I try to write anyway. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

If I can get out of my own head, immerse myself in the world I’m writing in, turn my music on – sometimes I can push through and write. And even turn out some great pages. Other times I will write in the issue or situation that is stopping me and then either keep it in, if it works for the story or delete it. It helps because it keeps me writing and is somewhat therapeutic.

And still other times, no matter what, I can’t get the words flowing. So what do I do?

Something else, anything else.

Sometimes a break is the perfect solution.

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