How I Write – What Inspires Me

So this week’s topic is – inspiration.

I get inspiration from life and watching people and how they interact. Have you ever watched people? How they talk to each other? How they react in different situations? Just from being out at the mall or at the gas stations.

I love people watching. It’s the shy girl in me. And the writer in me. I can make up a whole story for someone on just an overheard snatch of conversation. I have created characters from a small gesture between strangers.

So inspiration is everywhere.

So what do I do when I have trouble starting a project, finishing one or just writing? I do something else fun and creative. I get my mind off the stalled scene, uncooperative characters or hole-filled plot. I read a book. Watch tv. Listen to music. Do something crafty – beading, making bookmarks, making soaps, make a candle, crochet or even knit. Or I’ll clean up.

Something about not focusing on it, frees up my brain and helps me work through it because I often get an “ah ha” moment in the middle of whatever I’m doing.

And what keeps me going? My writing friends. They inspire me also. They inspire me to keep going and not give up. They inspire me to push through the doubts, fears, worries and write. They inspire me to learn, grown and keep it moving (always forward).

But not every project is a star, but I try to use everything. Even if I don’t finish something. Chances are I will use the characters, plot, setting, scene in someway in another story. Sometimes it’s a matter of right characters, wrong plot. Or right plot, wrong setting.

It’s a process. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow but always fun and interesting. And I think that helps. If it becomes boring or a chore then there is usually something wrong and I have to take a step back and analyze it. So I’ve learned that it’s okay to put it away and come back to it with fresh eyes and a fresh head.

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7 thoughts on “How I Write – What Inspires Me

  1. Alexia Reed says:

    I think the key line to your post here was the line about not focusing on the writing. I feel the exact way. Sometimes, I need to do dishes… or even just go for a shower or walk. It just clears my mind and makes it easier to think somehow.

    • danieford says:

      It happens to me all the time. That’s why I started carrying a mini tape recorder for those moments of inspiration when I’m at the store or driving or whenever I can’t get to a pen and paper or computer.

  2. Kaige says:

    People watching it my favorite sport! I never go to sporting events to watch the game.. ok rarely though!… I go to watch the spectators. And you’re right, there’s just something about watching and not being privy to the whole story that gets your brain fired up to fill in details.

    Great advice on putting stuff away for a while and coming back to it with fresh eyes too!

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