How I Write – Top Tools & Resources

This week’s topic is: What is your top writing tools and resource you utilize as a writer/author?

My Top Writing Tools:

1. Scrivener for Windows – Helps with organizing and outlining

2. Google Docs – And now thanks to an app on my phone. I can upload a WIP and work on it during my break and save the changes and then come back to it when I get home with the new additions.

3. Chat Challenges – Be it 20 minutes or 30 minutes, these challenges help with getting writing done and I’m often surprised how many words(and pages) I turn out during these little writing drives.

My Top Writing Resources:

1. My very active imagination which is never short on ideas, twists and turns for my characters.

2. The internet – It has helped with research

3. The library – Great for getting some quiet writing done and also for doing research (especially those hard to find and interesting tidbits).

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2 thoughts on “How I Write – Top Tools & Resources

  1. Kimberly Farris says:

    I forgot about the library. Before budget cuts changed the hours my local library was open, I’d take my laptop and go there to write. The quiet and lack of distractions helped me focus.

    Great list.

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