I don’t really have a dedicated space. At least not yet.

I write in the living room on my laptop which I nicknamed Merlin. Or while sitting in bed I write on Nettie, my netbook.

I have a small area in my room right now. I have an area downstairs that I am fixing up. When I get it the way I want then I’ll post more pictures with a detailed update.

So what’s going on in the photos. One is my dog, he’s my other writing buddy. When that picture was taken, it was during a homework session. I have a laptop table that resembles a hospital table and a small white table where I keep different things. Everything from pens, notebooks, post-its, index cards, water, iced tea, snack and books. And of course the tv remote. Which is strange cause I generally listen to the music channel and if it is on a tv station, I’m not really paying attention.

And when I wanna go cordless I use my alpha smart. It’s really great to write on because the screen is small and it helps me write without editing.

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