The question is:

Why do you write in a particular genre? What attracted you to it? Do you like to read a genre you don’t or can’t write? Why? Would you like to try a different genre than you current write?

Here’s the breakdown:

I write in a variety of genre’s. But the ones I am drawn to most are paranormal, fantasy and contemporary. The most common element is romance.

I like paranormal and fantasy because I like to create worlds and languages and rules for magic. It is fun to create histories. It is fun to make up magic. Some of the first books that grabbed my attention were the fantasies and sci-fi books. What attracted me to the paranormal and fantasy book is the magic.

The thought of how the world would be different if magical creatures exist, if magic existed. And then the what if’s start. What if humans knew about it? What if they didn’t? What if…

I like to read psychological thrillers and mysteries but don’t know if I can quite do them justice. There is a lot of minute details and information and intrigue that goes on. And I think it takes special skill to blend everything that goes on in the story together.

I think Alfred Hitchcock also has something to do with it. I love how the creates the story and builds the tempo and adds in different elements and then nothing happens. And then bam – someone is offed or poisoned.

And I don’t think the question is “Would you like to try a different genre than you current write?” but “Will I try a different genre?”. The answer to that question is most definitely, probably, yes.