So every story needs characters. And authors have different ways of fleshing them out and developing them.

What do I do?

It’s a combination of different methods. Sometimes I use spreadsheets or worksheets. Sometimes I just start writing. Other times I get the characters first and they are fully developed. Or I get the plot and develop the character to go with it.

The easiest way for me is the spreadsheets and worksheets. Basic fill-in-the-blank information.

The fully developed characters are a bit more difficult because sometimes the character doesn’t fit the story and vice versa. So it’s more work to flesh out the characters motivations, attitudes and behaviors.

One thing that helps me is to think of the characters and figure out the why behind the actions. Why do they chew gum when they’re nervous? Why do they twirl their hair around their fingers or laugh right before they tell a lie?

That’s the method I use most. The why method.

I’ll post some of my spreadsheets and worksheets later so you can see the crazy process or my plotting and worldbuilding.

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