Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Is there a show you must watch? And you even TIVO it to make sure you don’t miss an episode. Or maybe a singer you don’t want to admit you like? Or a song you shouldn’t know all the words too? Or a game you love to play?

For me, I’d say yes to most of those. Okay, all of them.

No I’m not going to reveal them all. But I will tell you one.

I like to watch the Wendy Williams show. And if I miss it in the AM then I will probably watch that day’s rerun on BET that night.

But why is it a guilty pleasure? Where does the guilt come in?

What are some of the common guilty pleasures? Food. Movies. Music. TV Programs.

A guilty pleasure is something people enjoy doing despite feeling guilty for enjoying it.It’s something you’re not supposed to like.  But the guilt comes from fear. Fear others may discover what the guilty pleasure is. I guess it’s a fear of being judged, being embarrassed, harassed or teased because they enjoy something that they feel they shouldn’t or enjoy something others may judge as being a lower class or quality.

And what about the people who would do the teasing? That leads us to what could be called Schadenfreude (which is another post entirely).