I have a confession. I watch soap operas. I have since I was a child.

And it’s ABC soaps. Though I have dabbled with CBS and NBC. I keep coming back to ABC.

My favorite – General Hospital.

It’s probably one of the only ones that I haven’t stopped watching and came back too. And I’ve been a fan for over 25 years.

I have a rant about soaps and some of the recent storylines but I’ll save that for another day.

Do you watch soaps? Which are your favorites? Whose your favorite character.

Steve Burton who plays Jason Morgan and Kimberly McCullogh who plays Robin Soltini Scorpio Drake now were my favorite couple. I was a huge J&R fan back in the day.Kimberly was one of the reasons I kept watching over the years.

I have a soft spot for Maxie (Kirsten Storms), Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and now Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). And I like Olivia (Lisa Lo Cicero). Another favorite actor of mine is Maurice Bernard. Though Sonny is annoying with his brooding, issues and drama at times. I have watched Maurice Bernard ever since he played Nico Kelley on All My Children.