One of my favorite words besides “The End” (yes I know that it’s technically 2 words but go with me here.) is free.

I mentioned some resources last week. Here are a few free writing resources.

1. AntiBrowser – To help you not waste time on the internet.

2. Online Stickies – a free sticky note and canvas/peg board.

3. Springnote – An online notebook.

4. GenealogyJ – A great way to do a quick character outline.

5. Freeplane – A mind mapping software great for brainstorming and organizing ideas and information. You can check out what CNet has to say about it.

6. AiPlanet – A virtual world for artificial intelligence

7. Freebie Notes – A free sticky note software program and it even has an alarm timer. Great for writing notes for yourself so you don’t get lost in your writing and forget to do something.

8. Wordle – is a word cloud generator.

9. Dropbox – online and backup storage

10. RedNotebook – A diary and journal