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How To Survive Anything – Women’s Ficton


My mother is the queen of multi-tasking. When I got into the car after my latest treatment, my mother was simultaneously on her cell phone and giving orders to my older sister Irene. I eased into the backseat, with the help of Irene, still nauseous and dizzy from the treatment. Mom has taken her to be her personal flunky since Irene took a leave from work after my cancer diagnosis.

“Make sure the photographer uses a warm gel, maybe some pink to get across the theme.” My mother said into the phone before turning to my sister, “Make sure Natalie has a decent suit something in blush or coral, pinkish but not overtly so. And since Derrick is insisting on being at Jeremy’s arraignment. Make sure he is sober, clean and has a proper fitting suit. It’s bad enough we have to go through this. We don’t need him casting another black mark over us.”

I closed my eyes, tried to block out my  mother’s voice. All I wanted was to go back to the house and rest.

“Sit up Natalie and put on some makeup. Do something with your hair. You’re going to have to get yourself together and presentable for the photos.”


“Yes. I told you we had a lot to do today. Posters for the benefit, you’re lucky your treatment didn’t interfere with my schedule.”

I bit back a laugh. Or it could have been nauseau. It was hard to tell with my mother. I was the one with breast cancer and she had made it about her, and the family, as usual.

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