No. I’m not giving up writing. And I’m not taking a hiatus.

I would never give up writing. Even if I stopped pursuing my goal of print publication. I’ve tried and believe me it wasn’t pretty. I think I lasted all of two weeks (give or take a day or three).

So what’s it the end of the road for?

My status as a culinary student. This week is the last week of classes in my last quarter of school. I graduate on Saturday.

I have a two-part final in my dining room service class on Wednesday and Thursday. And a PowerPoint presentation to give over the highlights of the employee handbook I created for my restaurant business. And then it’s done.

So I’m happy, excited, nervous, anxious and about 10 or 12 other emotions this week. Part of me will miss it. I love school and it has been a huge part of my life for the past almost 2 years.

I’ll go over how the employee handbook project has helped inspire a business side of writing project next week.