If you were planning a first date, what would it be?

What if it was for an old love? An ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or ex-spouse? What if it were with your best friend?

What about if you were older or younger? A teenager? 20-something? 30-something? or 40-something?

These questions have been rolling around in my head because I’m trying to plot some stories. And with a lot of the stories, there is the “first date”. So I started thinking about some of my first dates.

There was the movie date, the arcade, the concert, the waterfront, the dance, the dinner, the study date. And from my family and friends there have been the first date with the child coming along (either of their’s), the non date, the hotel date and the club date.

But what makes a good first date? Do you kiss them or not? Do you invite them in for a drink or to talk? Or say goodbye at the door?

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