Story Spark

This photo is one of many which helped spark part of the current story that I’m working on.

recipe book open

A culinary based story that has roots from my other passions – food and cooking.

Red Velvet Cake aka Waldorf Astoria Cake

And this is another one of the story sparks – Red Velvet Cake. It is simple but an easy recipe and everyone has their own twist for it. I figured it is something that could easily create a conflict between two foodie families that could possibly get out of hand. People can be very protective of their family recipes especially if it has been in the family for years.

Photo Inspiration: La Tour Eiffel

I love vintage and black & white photographs.

This is a great photograph I found on flickr. I was searching of photos of Paris. And going through a few of my own for inspiration on an old story idea. But this particular photograph really made me pause.

Driving under the Eiffel tower, 1963

Tuesday Tasting – Photo Inspiration

I love watching culinary competitions. They are both exciting and nerve-wrecking for me at the same time. Especially the sugar and chocolate ones where the competitors/chefs have to move their pieces. Maybe one day I’ll compete in one.

Meanwhile, here is a gorgeous piece from a photo of a dish at the IKA Culinary Olympics in 2009.

Culinary Olympics - Savory