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Rachelle Gardner: Literary Agent – Write from the Heart? Or Follow Trends? – And asks: “Q4U: How do you balance “follow your heart” with “follow the market”?”

Nathan Bransford: Literary Agent – Agents Are Not Just Gatekeepers – One line worth noting: “We’re not middle-men, we’re on the author’s side.”

From The Bradford Bunch by Jenn Bennett – Plotting an Evangelical Lesson –  Lines worth noting: “As someone who started out pantsing and switched to plotting, I’m here to tell you that plotting has saved my life. The peace of mind it’s provided is…priceless”

From The Graveyard Shift – Tips for the Heroes in Your Books – “8. Always call for back up if there’s a weapon involved. Being a dead hero isn’t a good thing.”

From (from Mary Lindsey) – Manuscript Length – Opening Line: “How long should a novel manuscript be?” – This is one of those oft asked questions worth checking out.

From Genreality (Bob Mayer) – Creativity – “We have blocks to creativity and then ways around those blocks.”

BI3M Update as of last night –

True Darkness 27000/80,000 words

33.75% done

I’m going to try to get 3K today so I’ll be at an even 30K

Info Roundup – Friday Edition

The interesting posts from the people in the book world this week.

The Rappaport Agency is Closing

Kirkus Reviews to Close

Warrior Writers – Are You a WRITER or an AUTHOR?

Evil Editor – Writing Exercise (EE is visited by Ghost of Christmas Past, Deadline Sunday, 10 AM eastern.)

Authors Advising Authors #6 – Allyson James

Royalties First and Second Hand

Why Third Party Royalties Matter

Nathan Bransford – Should Publishers Delay E-Book Releases?

Agent Advice – Adriann Ranta of Wolf Literary Services

Lucienne Diver – Publishing Futures

The Simple Dollar – The Best Career Advice: Do Stuff (Not necessarily book world related but still interesting.)

Deadline Dames – Getting Published

Edittorrent – Deep POV

Genreality – What Do You Want To Be?

Info Round Up

This weeks info round up about the publishing and book industry.

Research Bulletin: Reducing Prejudice with Fiction

Genreality – Bob Mayer Post – Fear

Die Hard Romance Girl By Jordan Summers – Romancing the Blog

Lauren Dane – Writerly Wednesday – Kassia Krozser – Publishing Will Never Be The Same, Long Live Publishing!

Writer Beware Blogs – Blurred Distinctions: Vanity Publishing vs Self Publishing

Paperback Writer – Readabilty

Does Knowing Your Audience Result in Better Writing?

Gift Guide for Writers

Nathan Bransford: You Tell Me: Will You Ever Buy Mostly E-Books?

Jenny Bent – Announcement for YA and Middle Grade Authors

Nathan Bransford: How to Respond to a Manuscript Critique/Editorial Letter

Fear of Failure

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. Theodore Roosevelt

I saw this quote and it got me thinking of the whole fear of failure, fear of success debate.

The debate being that people who are afraid of failure are always active, always working, always striving towards the goal they want because they do not want to fail. And that people who make excuses, don’t try or half try are afraid of the success they may get and what may happen, how the success may change them (for better or worse) so they don’t try. So basically that fear of failure isn’t the proper phrase.

Fear of Success Article – Psychology Today

Embracing Fear of Failure – Psychology Today

Overcoming Fear of Failure

The Power of Fear – Warrior Writer’s Blog

Courage & Fear – Bob Mayer’s

Info Round Up

Interesting links from within and around the publishing industry –

How to Avoid Getting An Agent (Line that stood out most from article – Many of us Google your name if we like your writing and are considering discussing representation with you.)

On Queries and Attitude

This Week in Publishing (posted last Friday by Nathan Bransford – lots of good links)

Warrior Writers Blog – Sowing the Seeds

Nano Tip #1: Dialog Spine from Scott Westerfeld

Nano Tip #2: The Zen of First (Zero) Drafts from Justine Larbalestier

Nano Tip #3: Dialog Spine Analysis

Nano Tip #4: Word Count is not Everything from Justine Larbalestier