First, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to comment on my Excerpt Monday piece.

Now onto today’s topic…


They come in many form in real life and in novels. And it is often a matter of people who are weaker (sometimes) trying to exert their limited power over others. Or people trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. But it could also be people in a position of power who wish to make themselves appear (bigger, stronger, meaner, harsher) or what have you.

Bullies can be parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, people you go to school with, co-workers or even bosses.

This topic came to me after dealing with someone, who I wouldn’t call a bully but who is loud and can be overbearing, and it got to me thinking of a book I read recently. The hero is what I would call a bully, his desires/decisions/wants were what was “best” for the heroine. And yes she went along with it. She did try to “protest” but she “went along” with the “hero”. I hate books like those. And you can guess the book was a wall banger.

This of course made me think of heroine’s and the qualities I try to instill in the female main and secondary characters that I write. Strong, honest, independent, smart (street or world), intelligent, focused, vulnerable and trusting.

So what are some of your favorite character attributes? And who are some of your favorite heroines?