That’s what’s it all about. (Sorry had a hokey pokey flashback there for a moment).

Um. Coexisting. There’s my writing life, real life responsibilities and school.

I have been managing, I think, successfully. Nothing has really suffered, except for maybe my personal life. But that’s another story altogether.

School – practicing recipes, studying, reading chapters, doing homework, researching papers (yes there are even papers in culinary school), doing vocabulary, drive time, tests & quizzes

Real life – well that’s a bit difficult to pin down because of a variety of factors but the main things in this area are me and momma. Making sure momma is okay, has her medicine, takes her medicine, goes to doctor’s appointments, eats, etc. Me is taking care of momma and myself. Being available to other family members. Having a personal life? That’s a bit more complicated.

Writing – That’s the easy part. Sitting down at the computer, opening a WIP or two and writing. Meeting with the AC group, going on RD, being on twitter. Time to sit down and write is balanced with school cause real life responsibilities and the situations that come up can’t be scheduled. So I get up early, go to bed later, carry a notebook with me to jot down scenes.

How do you balance it all? Do you schedule time to write?

BI3M Update as of last night –

True Darkness 29000/80,000 words

36.25% done

I stopped early on the word count because I made dinner for the family and wanted to study some last night.