The Project Page

This is where you can see inside my current projects folder, see what’s developing and what’s on the horizon. All my work tends to be on the sensual/sexy side bordering on erotic/explicit.

Current Projects

* His Personal Chef (Adult, Romance)


* Full Throttle (Adult, Romance) – Teflon Devils Motorcycle Club


Future Projects

* Recipe of Love (Adult, Romance)

Tagline: Too many cooks can spoil the recipe — or two can create the perfect recipe.

Culinary internet sensation Kayla Dupree’s dream has always been running the Dupree Restaurant Group, that is until she finds out her father has given the restaurant to the “golden boy” on the Detroit culinary scene, Micah Rivard — the man she not only had a fling with years ago during culinary school, but was nearly kicked out of the prestigious program for. Determined to prove her skills aren’t just a show for the cameras, she has to put their past behind her in order to work with Micah to make sure his restaurant is a success.

* Hearts & Arrows (Women’s Fiction, Light Paranormal)

Tagline: What happens when cupids stop believing in love?

True love only exists in fairy tales.

The first job of Interim Cupid at Lovemates, Inc., Juliette Brown is to prove to Veteran Cupid Agent, Alexios Cooper that true love does exist outside of fairytales before all his matches reverse and his wings are clipped.

So besides learning the ropes of the job, Juliette also has to deal with imposter demons, rogue cupids and try to keep her own personal life from going haywire.

But the head cupid job isn’t just handed to you, you have to earn it. The chosen replacement must pass through a series of tests. Plus there’s a tattered 10000-year-old 1000 plus page handbook to read and memorize.

Projects Being Planned

* Detroit Diesel Series (Sports Romance)

* Restaurant Wars (Contemporary, Romance)

* Santoro Winery Series (Contemporary, Romance)

* Salon Wars (Women’s Fiction)

* How to Survive Anything (Women’s Fiction)