The Marriage Contract

Motor City Romance Series Book 1

He never expected to fall in love with his husband.

Tristan Castillo wants to make his marriage work, but there’s one problem— his husband. Not only is Tristan coming home, he’s bringing a surprise, a puppy named Apollo. But when he arrives home, he gets a surprise of his own. Grant adopted a dog too. And when he hears Grant named his puppy, Zeus, he figures it for a sign that they are meant to be together.

Tech mogul and closet jazz musician, Grant Thornton needed a husband to get past the codicil in his grandfather’s will. It was supposed to be a simple business transaction. Only love wasn’t part of the bargain and Grant doesn’t know if he loves Tristan or the things he does to his body.

As a former Marine and Michigan State Trooper turned chocolatier, Tristan is used to going after and fighting for what he wants. Sure, love wasn’t in the contract but it’s not something you can put a value on either. He came back to win his husband and he’s going to pull out all the stops to get Grant to open up to the possibility of love and a happily ever after with him.

With the help of Zeus and Apollo, Tristan and Grant start their journey towards forever. But old demons and old habits threaten to keep this union a true marriage of convenience.

About the Motor City Romance Series

An interview with the author…

What makes the Motor City Romance Series special?

Detroit is a beautiful city to fall in love…

From the beautiful architecture, thriving Downtown and the vibrant neighborhoods which pulsate with action.

Detroit has always been a city that vibrates with love, power and sex. It fights for what it wants and will show you the worst of life just to turn around and show you the best. Detroit has long been a city with a certain reputation. But one thing has always rung true is the fighting spirit and the love of it’s citizens for the city they call home.

Get to know the Detroit that practically hums with a force that is full of faith, love, hope and energy.

Come explore the gritty heat, tempestuous spirit, irrepressible sexiness and the pulsating rhythm of the Motor City….

Should I read the books in any particular order?

This series is set in the city of Detroit. It is what ties together the series and the characters. They are all native Detroiter’s who have a deep love for the city they grew up in. The trope of second chance romance, overcoming odds and redemption.