The Ramos Brothers

The Ramos Brothers are big on family. And their family is big on love. Mama Ramos wants her sons to settle down and find their own happily ever after just like her and their father had almost fifty years ago.

Each brother has his own quirks and flaws when it comes to falling in love.

Watch as they overcome their fears and find their perfect match.

Book 1 – Second Chances

Featuring: Sebastian Ramos and Elaina Matthews

Sometimes you get a second chance at happily ever after.

Book 2 – Play Hard, Love Harder

Alvarez and Gabrielle

Book 3 – Taste the Desire

Diego and Amanda

Book 4 – Complex Equations

Cristiano and Nadine

Book 5 – Invested in Love

Emilio and Lindsay

Book 6 – And They Loved Happily Ever After

Mama and Papa Ramos